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Maastricht University is proud of the quality of her studies and graduates. To prepare students even better for their career after their scientific education, we have started our new Employability Initiative, which includes a variety of projects to help students with the transition from study to their professional career thereafter. One of these projects is called “Master Yourself”.

One of these projects is called “Master Yourself”. We would like to offer our Master students several activities so that they are even better prepared
for the labor market upon graduation. Herewith we also aim to better inform our students about possible (wishes of) future employers. Therefore, we would like to cooperate with you to organize these events.

We focus on the region of Maastricht because we would like to contribute to maintaining talent in our region and because we would like to make our students aware of interesting job opportunities in this region.

Host a session for Master Yourself

We need your support in preparing your future employees even better and maintaining this talent in our region.

Does your company have an interest in helping us to provide our Master students with a set of skills that are value added in the current labour market, then please let us know by email or fill out the session proposal form.

In 2020, we will be organizing new Master Yourself sessions in March, April, and May.

  • 10-15 sessions;
  • For Master students of Maastricht University;
  • Bridging the gap between academic graduate and skills required by the labour market;
  • Offered by companies in the region;
  • Preferably at the location of the company;
  • Great opportunity to spot talent/ future employees;
  • Contribute to bridging the gap between current graduates and corporate skills, value adding for your company;
  • Contribute to potentially maintaining talent in the region of Limburg;
  • (More) collaboration with Maastricht University;
  • More knowledge about regional labour market;
  • Maintain talent for regional labour market;
  • Being equipped with those skills required by the labour market;
  • Being made (even) more start proof (for their career).
  • 3 Hours per activity, possibly with a networking moment (drink);
  • Different format, choice by company:
    • Business case/Client case (20 pax): get input from bright young minds on reallife issues and case;
    • Workshop (25 pax): (inter)active get-together;
    • Masterclass (50 pax): interactive presentation;
    • Lecture (100 pax): presentation with limited interaction;
  • Choice of topic by company.
  • Coordination and administration by Maastricht University.

(Previous) Partners

Cecile Gijsbers

Trainer at EUflex

gave the workshop on contract negotiations

“We’ve experienced that students like to be well-prepared for job interviews and negotiations. We stressed how important good preparation is, not only for the job, but also regarding the person you’re negotiating with—and that you should think about what’s important to you up front. For some students, it was a real eye-opener to see how many things you can negotiate about, besides the salary. At the same time, we advised them to be realistic. As a starter on the labour market, the conditions are often largely pre-set. We ran out of time in the end and couldn’t do all the exercises we prepared or discuss everything.”

“We like to connect with young people who are entering the labour market. The way they look at the world gives us energy; no prejudices. My workshop was about leadership and diversity on the workfloor: How can you recognise different types of colleagues? When do you experience resistance? What dilemmas can you encounter? How do you present yourself? There was a lot of interaction and positive energy. Subsequently, we organised a presentation about our company for those who were interested. We’re investigating a way to make collaboration with a few of these students interesting. I’m very positive about Master Yourself; we should do that more often!”

Dave Alken

Senior Project Manager, Conclusion FIT

Joke Waalwijk

Director InterUM

“We are the internal secondment agency of UM; more than half of our files consist of students, including a lot of master’s students. Providing optimal support for these students as they prepare for the labour market is an addition to our services. Considering the high amount of applications for our training in contract negotiations, we can see that there’s definitely a demand. Because our counterpart in Eindhoven, EUflex, has been offering this training for a while, we asked them to give the training in Maastricht on our behalf.”

“All students at Maastricht University have high hopes for their future careers. We’re committed to providing excellent and diverse opportunities for them to learn and acquire new knowledge and insights, as well as supporting them in the process of setting goals and developing successful plans for their future. The overall objective of our activities in this domain is to educate and support UM students on their way to becoming and remaining knowledgeable, confident and responsible global citizens who are successful in the labour market. The enthusiastic responses to the Master Yourself pilot confirm our expectations of the need for such an initiative, and we’ll definitely look into how we can build on that in the coming academic year.”

Ellen Bastiaens

Project leader UM Student Employability Initiative


Any questions you might have regarding hosting a session for Master Yourself, please let us know.

Coordinator Master Yourself

Fabienne Crombach

(0)43-388 41 73

Coordinator Master Yourself

Julie de Ronde