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Learn more about UM’s new initiative for Master students.

Get ready to kickstart your career upon graduation!

"Because preparation is key to success!"

If you want to start launching your career the best way possible upon graduation, take our advice and gain the necessary skills that help you getting there.

Multiple renowned companies in the region offer you the unique chance to get an inside look and learn future-proof skills by attending one of their workshops or masterclasses.

Gaining a new skill set, expanding your professional network and getting an inside look at how these companies run their business, all in one session. And best of all, it’s free!

You can apply for multiple workshops or masterclasses which are being offered throughout the year. There are limited seats available, so make sure to take a look at the programme and sign up fast.



Curious about what we have to offer?

Students can apply for multiple workshops and/or masterclasses which are being offered through March, April and May.

After having attended 3 sessions, you will receive a letter of recommendation upon request.

Master Yourself in a nutshell

“Preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell

During the academic year 2019-2020, we are offering again a selection of workshops and masterclasses to give you the best possible preparation for entering the approaching job market.

Topics that are covered year are (amongst others): contract negotiation skills, leadership skills, creative thinking, entrepreneur skills, networking skills, design thinking, branding and pitching yourself.

Gaining new skills, expanding your professional network and getting an inside look at how these companies run their business, all in one session. And best of all, it’s free!

Do you still have more questions? Please send us an email or ask any of our Master Yourself ambassadors.

Or sign up immediately for a session by using the button below.

We are proud to be able to offer you again a selection of renowned companies. Each one of them eager to meet you and include you in their network.

So use this opportunity to not just expand your network but also by getting to know a professional who is a master at what you want to do. It will help you deliberately practice the skills you want to learn with someone who can give you clear and honest feedback, and who can speak from their own experience.

Be taught new skills and inspired by professionals to boot. And best of all, it’s absolutely free!

You can apply for multiple workshops and masterclasses that are being offered throughout March, April, and May.

There are limited seats available, so make sure to take a look at the programme and sign up on time, by using the link below.

Master Yourself is for all students enrolled in a master’s programme at Maastricht University eager to seize this opportunity.

After registration, we will gladly send our your resumé to the company that hosts the specific session you registered for. An excellent way to start expanding your network and making sure you get noticed.

Once you are registered, we and the company expect you to attend the session. Should you not be able to attend, please inform us by email in advance. Due to the fact that you’re representing Maastricht University at a professional organization, we expect a professional attitude and we maintain a no-show policy.

Participating (previous) partners

Oleena Chaudhuri

Master Student

Graduate School of Governance/UNU-MERIT, Public Policy and Human Development

“I attended the workshop on “The future of Work”, which was an extremely interesting workshop conducted by Rabobank. Using technology in farming and agriculture is a very attractive mix. The Rabobank officials were enthusiastic and engaged us in activities where we learnt how a bank handles customer grievances. I learnt that introduction of robotics in future, has both pros and cons. Studying humans, is common, but studying about robots that are to replace humans in the future, is more interesting. Banks are certainly not just about
transacting money and handling bank accounts. I now have a broadened perspective about the working of a bank. It was a delight to attend this workshop.

I would like to commend the UM Diversity Officer for conducting the other excellent workshop on “Diversity on the work floor”. This workshop was insightful and has helped me to understand diversity Management at a greater depth and detail. It was extremely encouraging to know how deeply Maastricht University is thinking about International students, especially when I am one myself. Improvement and out of the box thinking will surely lead the University to reach heights and achieve higher diversity. This workshop taught me to be myself. The officers were engaging us in different activities that were very interesting and mindboggling. They were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and understood the importance of diversity to the core. The excellent attention to detail, through thorough management and coordination is what has made this programme a success.
I would recommend everyone to be a part of such workshops as these enhance your personal and professional skills, that you need to equip yourself with for the job market.”

“I participated in a total of 5 workshops which ranged from getting a glimpse of what technology would look like in the future, to management principles employed by the organizations. The common theme that I saw in each of these workshops was the fact that the trainers were passionate about the subject or the role they were in and this was quite inspiring.
As a law student who learned about the entrepreneurial side of management, it was heartening to witness how organizations had transformed into customer friendly and innovative organizations.
The workshops also allowed to network with the organizations and fellow students and exchange knowledge. I would recommend participating in Master yourself workshops to prepare for the career on a long-term”

Yashaswini Bangalore Srinivas

Master Student

LAW Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management

Anne Scheffler

Master Student

FPN Work & Organisational Psychology

“I would like to find a job in the Euregion after I graduate. But since I only speak basic Dutch, it’s quite difficult to find opportunities here. I’ve attended several workshops because I wanted to learn about interesting topics outside of the academic setting and to understand how those topics are dealt with in practice. I found the interactive elements and the opportunities to discuss core topics especially valuable. This initiative is a great way to learn more about relevant topics for a future career and to grow your personal network.”

“I’m extremely interested in the development of new technologies and innovation. Design Thinking is a common buzzword and a lot of people have some idea of what it is, but most can’t explain the whole method. I had already visited several design thinking events but none of them managed to summarise all elements of design thinking in a short time of about three hours followed by discussion. However, Accenture did it very successfully, in my opinion. I also liked that the workshops were mainly at the companies themselves. This gives you the opportunity to get an impression of the actual workplace, atmosphere and company culture. I definitely see the Euregion as a possible work environment now. Without this pilot, I wouldn’t even know that some of the participating companies are here in the region.”

Laura Thiel

Master Student

SBE, International Business

Mateus Kambale Sahani

Master Student

FHML, Global Health

“I liked every one of the four workshops I attended, but the one on contract negotiation skills was the most interesting to me.  It really added value to the skills I gained during my master’s and gave me insights into what the labour market has to offer. Also, networking and making new friends was a good experience. I would definitely consider the Euregion as a work environment, if I can contribute to solving health issues here.”

“As ambassadors of the pilot, my colleague, Rohaan Khan, and I did all sorts of things—from creating a marketing campaign to talking with interested companies and handling e-mail traffic regarding each workshop. I got to know the region much better through this and I even applied for the Accenture summer camp on Artificial Intelligence. I think it’s a great start to facilitate the connection between bright students and the region. In my opinion, Master Yourself isn’t necessarily about finding a job. It’s about developing skills, networking and gathering insights into companies. I’ve seen a desire at companies to incorporate international students, but the requirement to speak Dutch often prevents this from happening. Personally, I love the innovative atmosphere around Maastricht, so I would definitely consider a job offer in this region.”

Ryan Zuzek

Master Student & Master Yourself Ambassador 2017

FPN, Work & Organisational Psychology

Interested in getting even more preparation?

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As a student, you can get career advice, or ask for help in developing additional competencies. It doesn’t matter whether you are actively trying to find work, or still trying to figure out what you would like to do, UM Career Services is here to help.

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